Hug A Hero


It's become a popular adage nowadays: Not all heroes wear capes.

Because this has never been truer, Subaru Fort Walton Beach is proud to announce our HUG A HERO program, an opportunity to celebrate the men and women who have stepped up during this remarkably challenging time. Our world has changed dramatically over the last several months. What used to be vocations that went mostly unsung have now become essential jobs, occupations that keep our society moving ever forward.


For that reason, Subaru Fort Walton Beach will celebrate a unique category of community heroes every month of 2021. In addition to the police, EMTs, and other first responders we typically think of, we'll also be paying our respects to everyday heroes such as teachers, nurses, doctors, veterinary assistants, grocery store workers, and many more.


Subaru Fort Walton Beach invites you to nominate the worthy local hero of your choice. Then, once all the entries have been collected, a public drawing will take place at our store. The winner of the drawing will be awarded $1,500, and a thank you for all they do for the community. Below is a list showing how the different hero categories will be divided up by month.


April - EMTs and Firefighters

May - Moms

June - Dads

July - Police and Correction Officers

August - Veterinary Technicians and Staff 

September - Youth League Coaches

October - Nurses

November - Members of the Military and their spouses

December - Grocery Store Workers


To nominate a worthy local hero, simply fill out the form.